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  • FCCS - Fundamental Critical Care Support - for doctors

    Dear Doctor,

    Thank you for your interest in the FCCS / FCCN training program.

    FCCS - Fundamental Critical Care Support - for doctors and
    FCCN - Fundamental Critical Care Nursing  - are courses designed by
    Society of Critical Care Medicine, USA.
    In India, it is conducted by the Indian Society of Critical Care
    Medicine - ISCCM.

    The course topics include
    1) Recognition and assessment of the seriously ill patient
    2) Airway management
    3) Cardiopulmonary cerebral resuscitation
    4) Diagnosis and management of acute respiratory failure
    5) Mechanical ventilation
    6) Monitoring blood flow, oxygenation and acid base status
    7) diagnosis and management of shock
    8) neurologic, trauma and burn support
    9) acute coronary syndromes
    10) life threatening infections: diagnosis and antimicrobial therapy selection
    11) management of life threatening electrolyte and metabolic disturbances
    12) critical care in pregnancy, infants and children

    Discussions and hands on training on dummies are scheduled on the
    following topics.
    a) medical emergency teams,
    b) endotracheal intubation, airway adjuncts,
    c) advanced life support algorithms, defibrillation/ cardioversion,
    d) intra-osseous needle insertion, temporary transcutaneous cardiac
    pacing, thoracostomy,
    e) arterial catheterization, central venous catheter insertion,
    f) brain death and organ donation,
    g) unfractionated heparin anticoagulation,
    h) short ACTH stimulation test,  thromboprophylaxis for venous thromboembolism
    i) mechanical ventilators, ventilator alarm management

    Thiscourse is a must for doctors working in emergency department/
    casualty or the intensive care units and also for those interested in
    pursuing a career in critical

    SCCM will periodically conduct detailed two day workshops on each of
    the above mentioned topics. These workshops can further fine tune your
    critical care skills.

    The course material will be sent to you as soon as your registration
    formalities are completed.
    Please find attached the brochures.

    Hoping to see you soon,


    Dr. M Shafiq ( 96 45 23 13 29 )

    NB. Registration charge for FCCN is Rs 2500/-
    Registration closes on May 1st.
    Total Seats 40.

    Posted on 15-04-2011