Minutes of 3rd Annual General Body Meeting of IACC

Posted on 22 Oct 2012

3rd Annual General Body Meeting Minutes
(Board Meeting Minutes: 05th OCTOBER 2012)

Board Members: 
Present: Dr.Rajesh Rajan (National President of Indian Association of Clinical Cardiologists)
Others Present:

  1. . Dr. Mohammed Shafiq
  2. . Dr.Manoj OP
  3. Dr Ravishankar H.P
  4. Dr Mujeeb AM
  5. Dr Sagar Solankz
  6. Dr Mahesh D Vyas
  7. Dr. Mohammed Taufiq Baksh
  8. Dr.Kishore B Gujeru
  9. Dr.V.K. Jagnany

10.  Dr Kumar Gaurav

11.  Dr Manoj Gerela

12.  Dr Muneer A R

13.  Dr Suman OS

14.  Dr Bhavesh Kansara

15.  .Dr Rohan Lakade

16.  Dr Priya Anand

17.  Dr Shilpa Singh

18.  Dr Kanika

19.  .Dr. (Maj) Bhavesh Takra

20.  .Dr Hiren S Gala

21.  .Dr Daval N Shah

22.  .Dr Vaishali R Soni

23.  .Dr.Arshad Ansari

24.  .Dr Ravi Chavar

25.  Dr Dinesh Solanki

26.  .Dr S Shetty

27.  .Dr Miken Mehta

28.  .Dr Priyesh Kant

29.  .Dr Girish S Wankhade

30.  Dr.Ravi R.B

Quorum present? Yes


· Meeting called to order at 06:30 p.m. by Chair, Dr.Rajesh Rajan


  1. IACC work and update for the year 2011-2012
  2. State Chapters and its update
  3. Problems faced by members
  4. Venue 4th National Clinical Cardiology Update
  5. MCI Recognition update
  6. Journal For IACC
  7. Land for Head Office
  8. Life Membership
  9. Constitution Approval

10.  Elections

11.  Future Plans

Meeting decided the following:

  1. 1.     IACC work and update for the year 2011-2012:

Works towards international affiliations are commendable . Dr.Rajesh Rajan should continue to get more affiliation for IACC


  1. 2.     State Chapters and its update

More State chapters to be formed


  1. 3.     Problems faced by members

There are few isolated incidents where IMA and other state council harass our members


  1. 4.     Venue 4th National Clinical Cardiology Update

Venue: Bangalore – Dr.Ravishankar  H.P will be the organizing secretary


  1. 5.     MCI Recognition update

Its still in the process


  1. Journal For IACC

We need to plan once office starts functioning in full


  1. 7.     Land for Head Office

Should buy a land once the funds are enough with IACC


  1. 8.     Life Membership

Life membership campaign should start


  1. 9.     Constitution Approval

It should be put in the website and can be approved in the next general body meeting.


10. Elections

Present Office will continue till next GB. Should conduct the election officially according to the constituition.


11. Future Plans

IAE membership to be promoted

Life membership should be Rs.7500/-



 Assessment of the Meeting: DR.Mohammed Shafiq

· Meeting adjourned at 07:45 p.m.
· Minutes submitted by Secretary IACC , DR.Mohammed Shafiq


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