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From the President's desk


From the President's desk

In 2008, a feeling of change was electrifying among the clinical cardiologists across India. We, the members of IACC, were being presented with the Clinical Cardiology Association of India, and the first association to focus on preventive cardiology as well as clinical cardiology. It was right then, more than ever, we felt that what we had been told as infants in cardiology; anyone could be a Clinical Cardiologist, might be true. Until that move to form Indian Association of Clinical Cardiologists (IACC), it had only seemed that only interventional cardiologists can practice general cardiology. This milestone grabbed the attention of the entire nation, and certainly made more Clinical Cardiologists than ever sit up and take notice. At that time, we began to wonder what it was that doctors really wanted to see happen, and more pointedly, if they were Clinical Cardiologists, what would they change?. We got a little help from the pioneers in cardiology like Padmashree Prof.G.Vijayaraghavan, Dr.Devi Shetty , Dr.A.K.Agarwal and some pretty impressive other voices to kick off our campaign, getting your attention so we could ask you what you would do if you were Clinical Cardiologist practicing only general cardiology. 

We took to the doctors in training, and we asked them to work hard to prove them among the cardiology fraternity, and the response was amazing. Many famous professors in cardiology across the country spoke up, and the things that they said were important and valuable. This inspiration paved the way to organize the first Clinical Cardiology update of IACC during the month of April 2010. The event happens to be a big success and was really helpful for the entire exam going doctors as well as the practicing cardiologists. And the buzz had begun again in the following year, in 2011, IACC announced its 2nd event and the 1st International Conference in Echocardiography, CEDET -2011. Fellow cardiologists came across the world to attend the CEDET -2011. In November 2011, IACC had its 2nd Annual Clinical Cardiology Update at Kolkata. Soon after in October 2012 IACC had its 3rd Annual Clinical Cardiology Update at Mumbai. During 5th & 6th JANUARY 2013 IACC had its 2nd National Update on Comprehensive Echo Doppler Evaluation Techniques (CEDET-2013) at KIMS TRIVANDRUM. All were satisfied by the feast of knowledge we served during that conference. We have already begun the process, picking through the hopefuls in search of the face that will eventually be pardoning, thanksgiving some famous cardiologists, telling us what the state of the union is, and representing who we are, we the Clinical Cardiologists, to the rest of the world. But what will make that cardiologist any better qualified to represent us than any one of us will be. 

Central IACC conducted another 2 day CME in clinical cardiology during 18th and 19th of May 2013 at KIMS Trivandrum Kerala. In 2013 we had our 7th event and 4th National Clinical Cardiology Update - "IACCCON-2013 Bangalore". During 11th & 12th JANUARY 2014 IACC had its 3rd National Update on Comprehensive Echo Doppler Evaluation Techniques (CEDET-2014) at KIMS TRIVANDRUM. Soon after IACC had its 9th event and 5th Annual National Clinical Cardiology Update IACCCON 2014 OOTY during 17th, 18th & 19th October 2014 at OOTY Next year IACC successfully conducted the 1st Zonal conference of IACC named CARDIOZONE -2015 at Calicut , Kerala during July 2015. Soon after zonal meet IACC had its 11th event and 6th Annual Clinical Cardiology Update 2015 IACCCON 2015 Delhi during 23rd to 25th October 2015 .


This is where we come in, right now, as the 2016 conference loom on the horizon. This is when we speak. We are at it again, asking you to tell us what you would do if we announce our 12th event and 7th National Clinical Cardiology Update - "IACCCON-2016 RANCHI". We are asking you to make a note in your diary the 23rd to 25th September 2016 at Ranchi to attend our next feast in Clinical Cardiology and do whatever it is that you do best. We are listening. Now, speak, young Clinical Cardiologists across the country! This is your podium, and its your turn.





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