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From the Founder President's Desk

From the Founder President's desk

The Journey of IACC 2008-2019

Way back in 2008 we 6 PGDCC first year students along with 1 senior PGDCC took the decision to form a society.

It took many years for IACC to establish its roots.  We have gone through a lot of worse circumstances. Our teacher who stood strong for his students during the storm was Padmashree Prof G Vijayaraghavan. We cannot forget Dr Shekar Ambadekar and Dr Bhaskar Shah who were with us from the beginning.

I take this opportunity to thank all those contributed for this journey. Especially all the founder members
1. Dr Mohammed Shafiq
2. Dr Biji Soman
3. Dr Mujeeb A M
4. Dr Manoj O P
5. Dr Ajit Menon
6. Dr Sangeeth D Rajan

Also thank all the organising secretary’s of IACCCON’s

A.         IACCCON          2010     Trivandrum:                   Dr Rajesh Rajan
B.         IACCCON          2011     Kolkatta:                       Dr Koushik Chaki
C.         IACCCON          2012     Mumbai                         Dr Manoj Gerela
D.         IACCCON          2013     Bangalore                     Dr Ravishanker
E.         IACCCON          2014     Ooty                             Dr Karthik Prabhu
F.         IACCCON          2015     Delhi                             Dr Kapil Khanna
E.         IACCCON          2016     Ranchi                          Dr Vineeth K Jagnany
F.         IACCCON          2017     Bhubaneshwar               Dr Y J K Reddy
J.          IACCCON          2018     Mumbai                         Dr Manoj Gerela

I.          IACCCON          2019     Kochi                            Dr Mohammed Shafiq

I.          IACCCON          2022     Kochi                            Dr Pragnesh Shah

I know each IACCCON was a team effort and I am taking this opportunity to thank all the team members too.

Cardiozone 2015 Calicut, 1st Zonal Conference of IACC organised by Dr Mohammed Shafiq became the turning point. When our colleagues blocked all the speakers and sponsors, Dr Shafiq decided to opt 90% PGDCC faculty and 10% others for that conference and it turned out to be a milestone.

Year 2018 is considered to be the best year as IACC is launching its first Journal & Clinical Registry

Hope in the coming years we will be having more and more life members and IACCCON will emerge as one of the biggest cardiology event of the country.

Special mention to all state chapter presidents and secretary’s.

With Best Regards
DrRajesh Rajan MD, Ph.D, FRCP(Lon), FRCP(Edin), FRCP(Glasg), FRCP(Ire), FACC, FESC, FAHA.

Founder President & Chairman - Board of Governors - Indian Association of Clinical Cardiologists l I



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