Minutes Chapter Formation IACC Odisha Chapter

Posted on 09 Jul 2014

Minutes of the meeting of Formation of IACC Odisha Chapter

Board Meeting Minutes

(Board Meeting Minutes: 22nd  June 2014)


Board Members:
Present: Dr Arun Ramrao More (National Executive of Indian Association of Clinical Cardiologists)

Others Present:

1)    Dr.Asim Mohanty

2)    Dr.Shatakhi Malakar

3)    Dr.Reetu Mishra

4)    Dr.Indira Panda

5)    Dr.Pravanjan Mohapatra

6)    Dr.Pritam Mohanty

7)    Dr.Bishnu Mishra

8)    Dr.Pradeep K.Dash

9)    Dr.Punam Hawlader

10)                       Dr.P.C.Panda

11)                       Dr.Sandeep Mohanty

12)                       Dr.Mridul Sinha Mahapatra

13)                       Dr.Debabrata Bhunia

14)                       Dr.Paramita

15)                       Dr Y J K Reddy


Quorum present? Yes

· Meeting called to order at 11a.m. by Chair, Dr. Arun More


  1. Odisha Chapter Formation
  2. Evaluation of Associations Activities
  3. Recognition
  4. Annual Conference
  5. Social activities
  6. Discussion on IGNOUs present policy for PGDCC
  7. Approaching state government for appointment as Clinical Cardiologist at district hospitals
  8. Office for Odisha Chapter
  9. Monthly Meeting and CMEs
  10. Zonal conference
  11. Bank Account
  12. Life Membership
  13. Future Plans




VICEPRESIDENT :- Dr.Asim Mohanty

VICE PRESIDENT :- Dr.Reetu Mishra

SECRETARY :- Dr.Shatakhi Malakar

JOINT SECRETARY:- Dr.Pravanjan Mohapatra

JOINT SECRETARY :- Dr.Pritam Mohanty

TREASURER :- Dr.Indira Panda




EXECUTIVE MEMBER:- Dr.Punam Hawlader

EXECUTIVE MEMBER:- Dr.Debabrata Bhunia


Term of the Office: 2 years


  1. Decided to Conduct Free BP and FBS check for common people
  2. FCPR training for various organizations
  3. Free Medical Camps

Meeting decided the following:

1. Evaluation of the association activities:

 The association decided to take initiative in reaching out to the community services and serving the people at large.

Conducting camps or activities that cater to the community at large and publishing as well as highlighting the work done by us in the social media.

Not to get into conflicts with the other practicing cardiologists and physicians or any doctor thereof rather silently concentrating on the work

While rendering service at locality or in any hospital- to use the designation of “consultant noninvasive cardiology” or “clinical cardiologist” instead of the widely used terminology “consultant cardiologist” and to use the name ”PGDCC” for degree instead of “Dip.card”

Fellowship training in interventional cardiology for interested and eligible the PGDCC fellows.

2. Approaching the state government:

It was decided that the PGDCC’S do approach to the State  Medical Council for registration of their degrees and come out with a feedback from the State  Medical Council authorities regarding the said purpose.

To approach Odisha State Govenrment for appointment as Clinical Cardiologists at District hospitals.


3. Activities to be done to support the cause for our recognition :


To do selfless and dedicated service at our respective places of work so that it comes to the notice of the public and relevant authorities.

Not to get into conflict with the other cardiologists or doctors of the state

4. Recognition :


To maintain a record of all the activities and contribution that we as Clinical Cardiologists are doing towards the state and the nation at large and then approach the health authorities for the recognition


Write to local newspapers and health journals articles related to our subject and mentioning our name as well as the degree “PGDCC” there alongwith it.


5.Attending the Annual conference :


6. Unanimoulsy decision was taken to make Dr M P Tripathi as Chief Patron of IACC Odisha chapter and it was decided to recommend his name for IACC patron at national level.

7. Present members also decided to come up with idea of Rural Dispensaries for deserving rural cardiac patients.

8. Discussion was held to co operate and seek help of interventional cardiologists for effective management of  our patients.

9. Discussion was held and there was a suggestion to form a central data system and all members should  be given a unique identity number by Central IACC.

10. Central IACC received another good request to start a News Letter for PGDCC doctors.



11.The members in the meeting decided to attend the annual conference scheduled to be held at Ooty in 2014


12. Besides, a proposal for the zonal conference is planned to be conducted in the month January 2015.


Questionnaire prepared by IACC in view of data collection was filled by 12 doctors.


IACC congratulated Dr Pradeep Dash for his selection for  DM Cardiology, he has finished his DNB Medicine before doing  PGDCC , he commented that persuing PGDCC has helped him to get DM Cardiology easily.


Meeting concluded at 1 pm.


Minutes submitted by Dr Arun R More, National Executive, IACC.


Approved by National IACC


Officially approved Email of the chapter : odisha@accindia.org


With Best Regards

Dr.Rajesh Rajan

National President IACC


Dr Mohammed Shafiq

Hon.National General Secretary IACC




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