Message of IACC on World Heart Day 2015

Posted on 29 Sep 2015

World Heart Day 2015

"World Heart Federation with Indian Association of Clinical Cardiologists (IACC) marks World Heart Day 2015 with a focus on healthy heart environments for everyone, everywhere"

29th September 2015 / Kerala - To mark World Heart Day 2015, the Indian Association of Clinical Cardiologists (IACC) in collaboration with World Heart Federation, its members and partners are calling on the community to ensure the right to heart-healthy environments so that people all across the country have the opportunity to make healthy heart choices. Cardiovascular disease (CVD), including heart disease and stroke, is the worlds number one killer. Each year, it is responsible for 17.3 million premature deaths, and by 2030 this is expected to rise to 23 million. At least 80% of these deaths are in low- and middle-income countries like India where human and financial resources are most limited to address them. Yet most premature deaths caused by CVD could be avoided by controlling risk factors such as tobacco use, physical inactivity and raised blood pressure, all of which are strongly linked to a persons environment. During World Heart Day 2015, a variety of activities such as public talks and screenings, walks and runs, seminars and sporting events are organized by Indian Association of Clinical Cardiologists (IACC), member organizations, partners and others nationwide. In Kerala we are planning various activities in almost all districts.

Dr Rajesh Rajan, President, Indian Association of Clinical Cardiologists (IACC) said: Government of India especially ministry of health should take prompt actions for providing all citizens a heart-healthy environments such as smoking bans in public parks and elimination of fast food advertising and tobacco. On World Heart Day, all the IACC state chapters in India are joining together to encourage individuals, families, communities and governments to take action to reduce the risk of heart disease and stroke. Indian Association of Clinical Cardiologists (IACC) with World Heart Federation urges everyone to join us and get involved, no matter how small the effort, it all counts. Everyone has the right to make positive healthy heart choices wherever they live, work and play. Yet too often society blames the individual: you smoke, you eat and drink too much, you dont exercise. But the environments we occupy can either encourage or discourage the choices we make to be more heart healthy and everybody has the right to choose to be heart healthy, no matter where they live work and play.

Indian Association of Clinical Cardiologists (IACC) with World Heart Federation strive for a country where there are at least 25% fewer premature deaths from CVD by 2025. Thats why we and our 2500+ members work courageously to end needless deaths from exposure to tobacco and other risk factors, lack of access to treatment, and neglected conditions like rheumatic heart disease which kills hundreds of thousands of children each year. Across the country, with its members, the Indian Association of Clinical Cardiologists (IACC) with World Heart Federation works to build national commitment to addressing cardiovascular health at the policy level, generates and exchanges ideas, shares best practice, advances scientific knowledge and promotes knowledge transfer to tackle CVD the worlds number one killer.

Indian Association of Clinical Cardiologists (IACC) with World Heart Federation is at the heart of driving the CVD agenda and advocating for better heart health enabling people to live longer, better and more heart healthy lives whoever and wherever they are.




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