Governing Body of IACC 2020 to 2021

Posted on 15 Aug 2020


Governing Body Members 2020-2021

Dr Rajesh Rajan - Chairman Board of Governors of IACC  & (Founder President)-Kerala

Dr Manoj Gerela - Governor IACC (Past National President of IACC 2019-2020 & President IACC-Maharashtra Chapter)

Dr Mohamad Shafiq National President of IACC 2020-21 (Founder Hon. National General Secretary of IACC - Kerala)

Dr Sagarsinh Solanki - President Elect 20-21 (IACC Executive Member Dadra and Nagar Haveli)

Dr Roopam Sharma President Elect 21-22 (Secretary IACC Rajasthan Chapter)

Dr Mujeeb A M - Hon. National General Secretary of IACC- (Founder Member) - Kerala

Vice Presidents

1. Dr Major Biji Soman - National Vice-President (Ex Hon. National General Secretary of IACC &  Founder Joint Secretary of IACC) Kerala
2. Dr Mitesh Chauhan - National Vice-President (IACC Executive Member - Gujarat)
3. Dr Rajkumar G N - National Vice-President (Ex-Joint Secretary IACC & President- IACC Karnataka Chapter)

Dr Santhosh BNational Treasurer of IACC - (IACC Executive Member)-Kerala

Dr Sheetal Naik -  Joint Secretary National IACC (Vice-President IACC Karnataka Chapter)

Dr Manoj OP - (Ex National Treasurer of IACC & Founder Member) Kerala
Dr Ajit M Menon - (Founder Member) Kerala
Dr Sangeeth D Rajan - (Founder Member) Kerala

Dr Mohan P Ex-National Vice-President IACC (Secretary IACC Tamilnadu Chapter)
Dr Vineet K Jagnany Ex-National Vice-President IACC (President IACC Jharkhand Chapter)
Dr Kapil Khanna Ex-National Vice President IACC (President IACC Delhi Chapter)

Dr Ravi Shankar - (General Secretary Karnataka Chapter of IACC)
Dr Manav Wadhera - (President IACC -Punjab Chapter)
Dr Darpan Gogoi (President IACC Assam chapter)
Dr YJK Reddy - (President- IACC Odisha Chapter)
Dr Rakesh Choudhary (President IACC Rajasthan Chapter)
Dr Karthik Prabhu (President IACC Tamilnadu Chapter)

Dr Kumar Gaurav Sharma (IACC Executive Member Uttarakhand)
Dr Maj Bhavesh Talera (IACC Executive Member - Madhya Pradesh )
Dr Rajib Mukherjee (IACC Executive Member West Bengal)
Dr Md Vilayathulla Hussain Siddiqui (IACC Executive Member - Telangana)



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